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on July 9, 2014

If you have read my blog post about the Rainbow Loom craze then you know I love making jewelry out of seemingly simple objects. With Rainbow Loom, those objects are rubber bands, but with Connects — a new craft from the Fathom Company — those objects are small, multi-colored chain links that can be connected in endless patterns.

When I first encountered this project, I limited my creations to simple chain bracelets and necklaces in different colors. However, as with Rainbow Loom, once you have the hang of connecting the pieces, a whole world of possibilities is unlocked. Soon I was creating keychains, bracelets, and necklaces. Connects are the epitome of creativity — making a beautiful piece of jewelry or other creation out of nothing but small chains, your hands, and your imagination. 

photo 2

A Connects flower keychain

photo 1

A Connects bracelet

My Connects bib necklace.

A Connects bib necklace

In addition, fine jewelers such as Cartier, Tiffany, and David Yurman often use the chain link pattern in their professional designs, so although Connects are made out of plastic and not gold or silver, the designs that you can create are as beautiful as real jewelry!

Will Connects become as popular as Rainbow Loom? That’s a question that I don’t know the answer to. But nevertheless, I could spend hours exploring this craft, and I am positive that it will be a wonderful activity for the rest of my summer. 

Creative Challenge:

This leads me to my creative challenge: buy Connects and see how many unique patterns you can make! Bring Connects anywhere you go — such as the beach, a restaurant, or camp — and enjoy all of your new handmade jewelry.


How do Connects compare to Rainbow Loom? Do you think they will be as popular this summer? Comment below to discuss!


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