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The Power of Writing Workshops

Last summer, I attended my first writing workshop at Writopia Lab. It was literally magical. I had been having writer’s block frequently for about three months, which was so frustrating. It had used to be so easy to become inspired and write a poem or a story, but, it had since become extremely difficult, and I didn’t understand why.

But then, I went to Writopia, and, suddenly, I could write again. I wrote plays, poems, and short stories in a warm environment full of people who loved writing just like I did. They all gave me feedback on my writing, and, because of that constructive yet informative criticism, I am a much better writer.

The Writopia logo.

The Writopia logo.

Although there aren’t Writopia classes everywhere in the world, there are certainly writing workshops everywhere. And I encourage you all to go to one if ever you find yourself without inspiration and even if you do have inspiration, so you have the opportunity to share and improve your work.

And if you can’t go to an official writing workshop, there is always another option: Talk to your friends who are interested in writing and create your own workshop! It will have the exact same effect as a professional writing workshop, with the added bonus of being with your friends.

Creative challenge:

This leads me to today’s creative challenge: write a story, short story, poem, script, essay, article, blog post, or any other genre you enjoy writing. It doesn’t matter if you are inspired or if you’re in the midst of writer’s block. Just write whatever comes to you. Bring it to a writing workshop near you and watch magic occur before your very eyes.


Have you ever been to a writing workshop? If so, do you love writing workshops as much as I do? Do you feel they add to your writing abilities? Why or why not? Comment below to discuss.