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What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

My normal handwriting

My normal handwriting.

I have recently found myself writing my name in many different handwriting styles. I have experimented with several fonts, such as cursive, typewriter, and engraved, and I have also created a few of my own. This has become a new form of doodling for me, one which I never thought I would find so fascinating.

However, thinking back to it now, this new interest of mine makes sense. After all, I have always loved the written word, particularly as a reader and a writer, as well as each individual letter in a language. As a little girl, I always participated in school spelling bees and enjoyed every single spelling test I ever took. Although I can say with certainty that I loved spelling tests more than spelling bees because I could write down the words on a page and see how each letter looked and how it related to the rest of the letters to form a single, coherent, beautiful word. I also preferred spelling tests because I knew I would always do well, whereas in my third grade spelling bee, I came in second place, as I was eliminated on the word “mathematical,” which, of course, I will now always spell correctly.

My handwriting in a cursive font.

My handwriting in a cursive font.

My handwriting in an engraved font.

My handwriting in an engraved font.

My handwriting in an original font I call "shadow."

My handwriting in an original font I call “shadow.”

There is an entire field called graphology devoted to analyzing handwriting. Ironically, when learning about the different methods of handwriting analysis, I discovered my handwriting indicates that I have a creative personality. No surprise there!

But, there is something that I am wondering:

If you purposefully write in a different font from what you normally use, would this handwriting choice represent a different, less obvious part of your personality?

Creative challenge:

And so, I present to you the next creative challenge: first, figure out what your current handwriting says about you. Then, create a new font that you enjoy writing in. It should be similar to your current handwriting, but make sure there are some distinct differences. Write anything you’d like using your new style, and then use the handwriting analysis methods to see if your new handwriting reveals aspects of your personality, as your regular handwriting should.

My handwriting in a typewriter font.

My handwriting in a typewriter font.


Do you think this challenge will work? What do you think your handwriting will say about you? Comment below to discuss.


Creativity is Key

I’m on a mission.

What is my mission, you ask?

My mission is to bring creativity into everyday life.

How can I do this?

One way: by changing the way we procrastinate.

As of now, procrastination has a negative connotation. defines it as “the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.”

Although it is seen as bad, procrastination is inevitable; we all find ourselves doing it. When we’re writing papers for work or for school, we slowly (or quickly) drift off to Facebook, or another internet site that captivates our attention more than the work we’re supposed to be doing does.

Some of My Doodles

But what if, instead of spending time on things that draw our mind away from our imagination, we spent it on the exact opposite?

Try to count how many minutes you spend procrastinating each day. It’s probably a lot (it’s okay – you can admit it – you’re not alone!). Now imagine what would happen if you spent that time working on a hobby or discovering a new one.

If you like to write, procrastinate by writing. Who knows, you might end up with a novel. If you like art, draw a picture, paint a painting, or sculpt a sculpture. Or, if you want to multitask and do some of your work at the same time, simply doodle (if you observe me throughout the day, you’ll notice that I am an avid doodler). Just be creative in any way possible.

Being creative opens up your mind to the possibilities in the world and allows you to look at the world through a more imaginative lens. Creativity and imagination are two of the most prevalent words in my life. I frequently describe myself using those words and they are the two of the parts of my identity that I have the most pride in. I love that I am able to sit down and write a story or draw a picture (with my favorite medium, oil pastels) and be happy (and amazed) with the result. To be fair, at the beginning, I was not the most amazing writer or artist (no one is – even those who have a knack for it), but, several years ago, I began to find time within my day to practice these hobbies, and I have since greatly improved. As a little girl, I was told “practice makes perfect,” and although no one is perfect (and I most certainly have not, and never will, completely change how I procrastinate), practice certainly makes better.

A Recent Oil Pastel Drawing

Too many people have told me they have no time to be creative. They say they have too much schoolwork or too many responsibilities, and taking time out of their busy schedules to work on a hobby is not conducive to their lives. Their work takes precedence over everything else.

And while I agree that everyone has a lot of work to do, a simple change in the common procrastination habits is all that is necessary to allow work and play to happily exist side by side.

And that is where I come in.

On this blog, I will post new suggestions of creative activities to do in different situations, such as while procrastinating. These activities will get the imaginative side of your mind running and encourage (and hopefully inspire) you to make creativity a priority in your life.

Creative challenge:

Here is your first creative challenge: Start (and maintain!) a blog about anything in the entire universe that interests you. Whenever you have an extra few minutes, use them to write a post.

Have fun!!


How much do you value creativity in your life? Comment below to discuss.